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CT Handyman Services

Renovations Change Orders
After initiation of the remodeling work both you and your contractor will have the same objective of getting the project done on time, on schedule and with the highest quality possible.
However, you may find that you want to make changes to the plans. A suggestion from a friend may awaken you to a new flooring idea, a new use of space or whatever other ideas may come up after work begins.
Home improvements professionals are very familiar with these changes and will gladly accommodate your new ideas. Make sure these changes are discussed and talked through before making any changes.
Below are the most important factors to consider:
Sometimes even small changes can have a significant impact on cost. It may mean changing some aspect of the construction. For example, a change in floor coverings may call for different sub-flooring.
Changes can also result in delays and increased costs. it is nature of the industry that most contractors work with a tight construction schedule, and with subcontractors who move from one task to another and from one home to another according to a very specific schedule If the schedule or sequencing of tasks changes, it may mean waiting for days before work can resume. This in turn may affect other aspects of the work as well as cost.
Changes or additions to scope of work should be documented as written change orders and signed by both parties. This eliminates misunderstandings and ensures that everyone knows what has been agreed to.
Change orders are considered extras to the contract. Ask your contractor to explain the labor and material costs; and also how you are expected to pay for them.